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Front of House

Phancy Food & Catering provides unique food and drink service for all manner of events.

Food is the touchstone of memory, and Phancy Food & Catering wants to make your event unforgettable. With dishes that are both nostalgic and multicultural-inspired, we are reinventing the classics with a modern twist. We want to make food that surprises and delights, creating a sense of awe that surrounds the entire event.

Hospitality is our main priority; we want to make sure there are no gaps for you to worry about so that you can enjoy the pleasures of hosting your own event.

Services that we provide include:

Our food philosophy holds that good food should come from good sources. Phancy Food & Catering therefore finds ingredients from local distributors wherever possible. We believe that quality starts with ingredients that are prepared with happy hands. Wholesome food is delicious food, and we make it our responsibility to serve your guests dishes that are both.

Still need convincing to choose us for your next event? Just ask our past clients:

Back of House

Meagan Bowden is the heart and hands behind Phancy Food & Catering.

Over years of experience in restaurants and catering, Meagan has cultivated her taste and skill, feeding her passion for making irresistible food. Now, countless kitchens and menus behind her, Meagan is heading out to realize her own unique culinary vision.

Meagan draws from different sources of inspiration to make food that is both upscale and playful. The result is scrumptious and witty fare that leaves a lasting impression for any event. Like a kitchen Casanova, Meagan keeps many love affairs, engaging both the classics and a modern world of flavours. With Phancy Food & Catering, she is combining these worlds in different rhythms, creating dishes that are at once familiar and unforgettably new.


Elles Sont Food & You?
Presented by the Consulate General of France
  • Winner, Finger Food Grand Prize
  • Winner, Finger Food Cheese Category
  • Winner, Finger Food Meat Category

Reader's Choice 2019
Presented by Now Magazine
  • Nominee, Best Caterer


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